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Applications for Advivo Games 6 are still open!

Come on over and send in an application!

Our games are anonymous which means no one will know who you are unless you choose to reveal yourself to someone. Otherwise, URLs will be revealed at the end of the games!

We currently stand at 12 applications, I would like to get 12 more before I start, but will start with 10 more applications!

Victors CAN win again and I am allowing double applications!

Check out what is still available here

Then apply here

I’m really excited for this arena, so hurry up and apply! Have a good day lovelies :]

Anonymous sent: are you going to update the tribute page?

Well seeing as I don’t have games going on right now…..

Anonymous sent: In anon play, how so you set up allies?

If you wish to ally, you send a message to the blog and I can contact that person and ask if they want to ally with you. Or You could all apply together and know who each other are? It is up to you!


Apply to Advivo Games!




Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time again! Applications are now open for our sixth annual Advivo Games! And our Anonymous play is back! Which means all tributes playing will be anonymous until the end of the games where we give the great reveal! 

As another treat…we are reaping two tributes from our very own Capitol! That’s right, tributes, there are TWENTY SIX SPOTS for these games! So apply today! Here is the first hint:


Good luck, tributes! 

-HGM Elias

Apply now! We still have many spots open! I’d really like to get these games going! 

Apply here.

0nceuponatlme sent: Who were/was your favorite trubute(s) in the fifth game?

That’s a hard one…

I think my top favorites were everyone in the final battle. They all did really well and were amazing to write for! 

Apply to Advivo Games 6!

We are still looking for 17 tributes!

If I can get at least 12 more, I’ll start the games :]

So come on and apply! This next Arena is gonna be one of my personal favorites!

Apply here but remember, my games play ANONYMOUSLY! No one will know who you are until the end when we do the Great Reveal! 

If you’d like a spot, please refer to the Available page so see what is still open! 


The Final Battle: Castielle Vs. Thaddeus Vs. Silas Vs. Aphid

The four remaining tributes eyed each other, sizing up and determining their best chance of winning. So much was at stake for everyone involved. No one wanted to die twice, but three had to.


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Anonymous sent: Have you decided who the winner is?

Girl, I just got all the submissions in 11 minutes ago. lol. Give me time XD


We still need people!! :D 

Apply here! 

Anonymous sent: How many submissions do you have?

I currently stand at two. I am still waiting for Silas and Aphid to submit!